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Image of Jeopardy set with two human contestants flanking "Watson" 7

Poverty Puzzles for $1600

An IBM supercomputer named Watson easily defeated the two most successful past winners of the popular game show Jeopardy. Meanwhile, there are three billion brains out there trying to survive on $2.50 per day. What if we could tap into it? Could we figure out a way for the poor to earn income through brainwork rather than begging or back-breaking labor?

Defining Sustainability and Sustainable Development 2

Defining Sustainability and Sustainable Development

A sustainable economy can include a human society that delivers more good to its members, even while enriching, rather than degrading, the ecosystem we live in.


Are we Human, or are we Tweep?

In classical economics, humans engage in value transactions with an eye towards their own advantage.  A plausible and useful hypothesis.  Somehow presupposed is a value calculation, even if often based on fuzzy logic. Modern...